Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Best EVER

I felt inspired to share this! Yes, this is perhaps the very best cup of espresso I've ever made. It was, in fact, SO good, that reproducing it exactly, even by myself and my trusty Rocket Giotto espresso machine, may be impossible ever again. Half of this cup was crema - that airy, frothy, thick and foamy coffee essence that sits atop only the finest shots. The blend:

1/3rd Jones PRC Espresso blend (from Pasadena, CA)
1/3rd Jones Cara Mia Espresso blend (from Pasadena, CA)
1/3rd Buon Giorno's Italian blend (from Ft. Worth, TX).

Have an inspired day!

Wanna try yourself? Here are the links for the beans:

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