Sunday, December 16, 2012

Very Proud

December 16, 2012 - 5:33am

This is arguably my best espresso pull ever. I've had a few, and this quality is rare for me, but this morning the coffee gods on Mt. Java looked down upon me favorably.

The photo was hastily taken, so I didn't even take time to clean off the usual coffee splatter on the inside of the cup. I was too excited to document the moment. Even with a Rocket Giotto machine that is need of a little tech work (random coffee spraying from filter basket), this double shot had deep color, a very thick crema (in this photo creme is deflating already because it took me a while to set up the lighting and angle - you can see from the ring where the creme HAD been) and a profoundly rich flavor. Blend was bought at Jones Coffee in Pasadena yesterday, and must be a fairly fresh batch, judging from the consistency of the grind (grinder: Ceado), and was a 50/50 blend of their Espresso Cara Mia and PRC roasts. This is my standard blend I use, but I do notice that, as the beans age a few days, that the creme is less and flavor naturally more stale.

I am a little verklempt and pretty proud. So excuse me while I enjoy it. It's getting cold!

Update: even after taking time to write the blog entry, the espresso, now virtually at room temperature, has held its flavor very well. Wow. And, mmmmmmm.

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