Saturday, December 29, 2012

New Year Inspiration

I have this quote by Winston Churchill pinned up at home, and I see it every day. So, it's on my mind every day.
I love this following video. I found it so moving and inspirational that I just needed to share it. How many times have we just quit? Accepted our circumstances? Convinced ourselves that something was impossible? Not followed our dreams? 
This posting is not to sell anything or endorse any product. I just think this video speaks to something deeper and human inside of us all.
This video has also proven to me that:
1. Music makes the movie;
2. Diamond Dallas Page has some great yoga chops!
Enjoy, and Happy New Year!

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Journey Chronicle in Science and Letters said...

Wow that Churchill. He must have had a truly incredible mind to have known how to say the right words at the right time to hire that team of speech writers we've never heard of and who's names history will never know (nor ask).

Are you hiring atm? I'm looking for work you see and I've been watching biopics about leaders of late, including Churchill, I wrote a piece called "Corner", and my knee has been playing up of late.

I use heuristics like this to make life decisions (and yet I am unemployed? Hmm). It is a kind of intuition.

I don't have any skills really and I don't think we are in the same country, so this may be a miss.

But I like the idea of making music, and art (particularly film); but I have nothing to offer directly here either.

I am actually very interested in the intersection between art and science. I am focused on comedy (and mortality, and status exchange dynamics).

Do you have any part time roles going in anything like that?

Live performance is important. Intrapsychic conflict and the artist is of interest as well. Any bells ringing? Yes? Maybe?

I have school a few days a week, but otherwise I am available. Is any of this clicking, at all?

To be fair, the job sites haven't been much help so finding a random blog has far less expectation attached.

Seemed better to ask though, all the same.

Warm Regards

Jay J. R.